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Travelo.Ninja is an online service that provides you with the recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns and more.


Scope and Purpose of Disclaimer This document governs the information on the website and if you disagree with any terms and conditions do not use our website.
At any point of time, Travelo.Ninja reserves rights to do the changes in the website and if you agree to the changes in the website, you accept those changes whether or not you have reviewed them as it is going to be in the best interests of the both.
Privacy policy describes the policy in the details and the collection of information about you and the disclosure of the same.


As we are already aware that providing privacy policy involves lot of trust and we take that trust in amicable manner and it is our highest priority to given keep that information confidential and secure of anyone who visits our website.


What information we collect from you?


We collect information from our website Travelo.Ninja and this is either direct or indirect information. The information we receive can be used to identify the identity of the person or contact you personally. The information we provide is first and last name, billing information (credit card details, expiry of the card and other) and your preferred location for the travel be it domestic or International.


The reason why we require your preferred location is that we provide you the best preferred hotel stay, food, car rental programme and leisure in the most economic manner.


The other information we include is your IP address, information of your device.


Payment information is required if you are booking the hotels or travelling packages from our site.


We offer the mode of payment option and also save the information about them.


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